UC type ball bearings

These bearings are fitted into the different shape of pressed steel or grey cast iron housing, i.e Plumer blocks or flanged type -cast housing are suitable for heavier loads then pressed steel housing.

These bearings are deep groove ball bearings with an extended inner ring and spherical outer ring.

These bearings are fastened on the shaft by means of two threaded grub screws, other alternative designs for tightening also available like eccentric self locking collars, adapter sleev etc. or interference fit on shaft.

They are used in agricultural machinery, conveyor systems, construction machinery etc where simplicity of design and assembly is required. They are used for supporting the shaft with generally loose fir tolerance. Further, large clearance helps compensate for misalignment & shaft deflection.

These bearings require no maintenance and normally greased with lithium soap base grease.

These bearings can take static misalignment of up to +5 degree out of the centre position.

The speeds with rough shafts & loose fits are kept low. With tighter fits and more accurately machined shafts relatively higher speeds can be taken.

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