Spherical roller thrust bearings

The Spherical roller thrust bearing have a spherical raceway in the housing washer and barrel shaped rollers obliquely arranged around it.

Since the raceway in the housing washer is spherical, these bearings are self-aligning.

They can accommodate heavy axial loads and moderate radial loads. When an axial load is applied the radial load must be less then 55% of the axial load. They are suitable for relatively high speeds.

For proper lubrication of roll heads inner ring rib, sliding surfaces between cage and guide sleeves etc, oil lubrication is advised even at low speed. When using greases as lubricant, it is necessary to ensure that the roll heads/rib contacts are adequately supplied with grease.

The bearings have pressed steel cage (no cage suffix) or mechanical brass cage. The cage hold together roller set and the shaft washer.

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