Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings consist of an outer ring having a continuous spherical raceway centred within and two rows of barrel-shaped rollers operating in separate raceway ground into the inner ring with a centre rib to guide the roller. This type of bearing has a self-aligning nature, so it can be used in cases where misalignment between the inner and outer ring occur from shaft mounting errors of shaft deflections.

The allowable misalignment for these bearings, being varied due to the dimensional series and loading conditions, is about 0.0009 radian (0.5’) for ordinary loads. For light loads, this angle can be up to 0.035 radians (2’).

These bearings have a large capacity for radial loads, axial loads in either direction, and combination of these loads.

They are also suited for applications where vibration or impact forces are encountered.

The design of spherical roller bearings are standardized so that the centre roller guide rib comes standard with the inner ring as one united inner ring.

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