cylindrical roller bearings

Since the rollers of cylindrical roller bearings make line the contact with the raceways, these bearings can support heavy radial loads and are suitable for high speed operation.

Cylindrical roller bearings come in various configurations. The roller are guided by the collars of either the inner or outer ring.

Since NU and N Type bearings are not provided with a collar on the inner and outer ring. The inner and outer ring can flow axially relative to the other under an axial load. These bearing are most suitable for use on the free side of the shaft.

Bearing type NJ, NUP and NF having collar ring on the both inner and outer ring and can receive a certain amount of axial load. These bearing types are sometime used on the fixed side of the shafts.

Since cylindrical roller bearings are separable, they can easily be mounted or dismounted, in case when interference fits are required.


The boundary dimensions of type E cylindrical roller bearings are the same as those of the standard type. The load capacity of type E bearing is increased by enlarging the roller diameter, increased roller length and by increasing the number of rollers. The bearings are classified by attaching the suffix ‘’E’’ at end of the basic number.

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